I’ve known and worked with Joanne for the better part of a decade. This past year, she joined our team at the Cinema Eye Honors and it was a perfect fit. She received rave reviews for the videos she created and produced for our ceremony and she became an integral part of our core production team for our event week. The universal response was: “How did we ever do this without her?
— AJ Schnack, Founding Director, Cinema Eye Honors; Filmmaker
I am so inspired by the film you made for us! You did exactly what I had hoped for—created a film that will hearten all who watch it. I am so grateful to you for your aesthetic eye, your storytelling skills and your kindness. You have been a joy to work with!
— Cathy Deforest, Executive Director & Founder, Vision Quilt
With a high degree of professionalism, industry smarts, and a strong can-do attitude, Joanne brings herself fully to each project. I wholeheartedly encourage you to partner with Joanne and Fein Film.
— Monique Baron, Director of Development, Esalen Institute
Joanne has an extraordinary ability to create meaningful works of art with compassion, truth, and integrity. Her films are captivating and stir the imagination. Working with Fein Film is always a delight.
— Denise Baxter, Founder & Executive Director, Ashland Art Center
Joanne is both an expert diamond cutter and a miner. Not only will a rough gem in her hands be exquisitely crafted into a polished jewel, her observations about how the narrative needs to be reshaped and what needs to be cut to make room for it, were spot on.
— Ian Thomas Ash, award-winning documentarian
Joanne knows filmmakers. She is encouraging, passionate, and most of all, supportive. Her insights and guidance have helped me move forward to finish my film!
— Jill Orschel, award-winning filmmaker